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Sane MCR Fans

Sane MCR fans
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Welcome to Sane Chem Fans.

What's allowed in here: anything non-creepy, anything that doesn't involve self-importance or any lame shit like that. Fangirling to a degree is allowed.

The actual rules are:


* no asking for personal details- screennames and whatnot, of the band, or anyone in the band.
* no superiority complexes here, kthanx. Feel free to discuss and debate but don't act like douches.
* be at least moderately sane. I don't mind fangirling (I do it myself with the ewok) but I'm sure we're all capable of acting like rational adults.
* friends-lock your posts please.
* LJ cut big pictures, or a lot of text. Please don't kill my f-list, unless you find a picture of a certain midget naked, then feel free. (HAHA)
* keep this alive, so people who actually have a grip on reality don't spontaneously combust. We need a refuge!

This isn't exactly a rule, just my opinion.

This band means a lot to me, as it does to many other people; that does NOT make the members infallible. They come out with, and do, incredibly stupid things sometimes. It's okay to criticise them; just don't go saying OMG GEE WAI IS SUCH A KUNT HE SHOULD BURN IN HELL. Seriously, enough hating.


Why did I make this community? Because I'm sick of petty, self-righteous, creepy little bastards who ruin it for everyone else, being bitchy and shit like that because they can hide behind LiveJournal. We deserve a place for ourselves.

Put this banner in your LJ! Thanks to the lovely bunnymix for this =]

p.s. I'm adding everyone who requests to be added. It's only if you're acting like a complete douche will I delete/ban you or w/e.