apoeticmindset (apoeticmindset) wrote in sane_chem_fans,

in light of all the bullshit that has been spewing from the collective mouth of the MCR fandom recently, I've decided to create this community.

You can question me as much as you like, you can chat as much as you like about pretty much anything to do with the band, rumours and whatnot, but there is a big fat line not to be crossed. I'm sure if I approve you you'll know what I mean.

This might seem like a Nazi response to all the shit that's gone down lately but I just want a refuge for me and my friends to talk about MCR without idiots letting down the fandom.

Rationality, people. It's pretty easy.


* no asking for personal details- screennames and whatnot, of the band, or anyone in the band.
* no superiority complexes here, kthanx. Feel free to discuss and debate but don't act like douches. 
* be at least moderately sane. I don't mind fangirling (I do it myself with the ewok) but I'm sure we're all capable of acting like rational adults.
* friends-lock your posts please.
* LJ cut big pictures, or a lot of text. Please don't kill my f-list, unless you find a picture of a certain midget naked, then feel free. (HAHA)
* please refrain from talking too much about spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends unless tis relevant. Just to avoid pointless dramalamas.
* keep this alive, so people who actually have a grip on reality don't spontaneously combust. We need a refuge!
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