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Kerrang Reader's Poll 2007

Heyho folks.
So there is alot of talk about the K! Reader's Poll. I'm sure a few of us would like the band to win some stuff.
There are posts about the votes on chemicalromance, but I think a few people have gotten a little carried away with the voting and the jokes and aren't voting for things that are amusing, but can't realistically be won.
And I'm not talking about Gerard for sexiest woman - thats amusing, seeing as last year, if qualified he'd have been 5th and it'd be funny to see if it can be bettered.

But stuff like best DVD and best album to stuff that came out - and won - last year, best single to a song that hasn't even been out yet cannot possibly win.

So I thought perhaps this was the place to focus logically.

And so, here is my little plug for voting in some particular categories:

Best Single: Famous Last Words

Best Video: Famous Last Words

Best Live Gig: My Chemical Romance @ (wherever)

Sexiest Male: whoever, Gerard will win but lets allow the rest to give him a run for his money

Hero Of The Year: Bob Bryar (stupid idiot who plays shows with broken wrists and gangrene when he should be in HOSPITAL)

Best Thing About 2007

Villain Of The Year: I'm tempted to say about 97% of the My Chem fandom

Thats my little rantings, feel free to ignore me (only don't, be sure to vote!!) :)
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